(Left to right: Evan, Nico, Li, Eran, Sylvia, Sigi, Eric)

(Left to right: Evan, Li, Eric, Sigi, and Nico. Not on the picture: Sylvia)

Li Zhao :  Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Chinese Academy of Sciences

Li is investigating the genetic mechanisms of the origin and spread of de novo genes. She is also interested in the role of spatially varying selection in phenotypic evolution.

Nicolas Svetec: Senior Research Associate

Ph.D. University of Munich

Nico is  an evolutionary geneticist with a particular interest in adaptation. His research activities focus on the physiological and behavioral traits that allow organisms to adapt to new environments.

Evan Witt: Graduate Student

B.S. Washington University in St. Louis

Evan is interested in the genomic features that facilitate de novo gene retention, functionalization and co-option into transcriptional networks.

Eric Bo Zheng: Tri-Intstitutional MD-PhD student

B.S. Harvard University

Eric is fascinated by the emergence of diverse, complex, yet imperfect, phenomena from evolutionary mechanisms.

Sam Khodursky: Graduate Student

B.S. University of Oxford

Sam is interested in studying the selection and constraints of evolutionary innovation in multiple timescales and between sexes.

Alice Gadau: Graduate Student

B.S. Arizona State University

Alice interested in Cis-Trans evolutionary contributions to alternate gene expression patterns between different Drosophila species.

Sylvia Durkin: Research Assistant

B.S. Carleton College

Miriam Kopyto:  SSRP high school researcher, 2017, 2018