Welcome to the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics (the Zhao Lab) at the Rockefeller University.

Our lab:

The Zhao lab is a member of the around 75 laboratories at the Rockefeller University. We use cutting-edge experimental and theoretical tools to study the genetic basis of novel genotype and novel phenotypes.  We recently have moved from the A level of the Flexner hall to the second level of Kravis Research Building, which is a newly built building  on top of the FDR.

Research in the Zhao lab is focused on the mechanisms that contribute to the diversity of species, and the molecular changes underlying phenotypic divergence and adaptation. The Zhao lab is interested in a number of questions. For example:

1) how do newly evolved genes originate, spread, and contribute to adaptive evolution?

2) how do gene expression differences affect other downstream phenotypes?

3) what is the genetic basis of local adaptation in natural populations?

About Rockefeller University ( from here)

Centered cutting-edge laboratories working in a broad range of fields, The Rockefeller University fosters a collaborative research environment for its faculty and provides an innovative educational experience for its select group of outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. To help reduce artificial barriers and provide its investigators with the greatest degree of freedom, Rockefeller does not have academic departments. As a result, the university is not constrained to perform research in any particular field and can recruit the most accomplished and gifted investigators across a wide spectrum of disciplines in the sciences.

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