We are located on the second floor of the newly built Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Research Building on the Rockefeller University campus in New York City.

Li Zhao
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 66
New York, NY 10065

Postdocs: We are excited to discuss possible projects with postdoctoral candidates who share similar research interests.  If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in the lab, please contact Li Zhao by email, and include a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and a short research statement.

Current openings:
1) We are currently recruiting candidates who are recent PhDs with a strong background in Drosophila molecular/evolutionary/developmental genetics. Candidates with cell biology and biochemistry background (not restricted to Drosophila) are also encouraged to apply.

2) We are always excited about sharing ideas and discussing possible projects with evolutionary and population biologists seeking a postdoc position.

Graduate and MD-PhD students: If you are a student in the David Rockefeller Graduate Program or the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD program and are interested in doing a rotation in the lab, please email Li Zhao.

If you are interested in our lab and one of these programs, please apply directly to : David Rockefeller Graduate Program or Tri-Institutional MD-PhD program . You are welcome to contact Li Zhao to discuss possible opportunities before or during the application process.

Undergraduate students:  We are happy to host students who are selected through  SURF or outreach programs.

If you are an undergraduate student in New York who seeks a research opportunity, please contact Li or ask if your university has an exchange program first.

High school students: We are happy to host students who are selected through SSRP outreach programs.